Child, Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Programs for our children, youth and young adults are offered on Sunday mornings during the worship service.The Sunday School program, Kids in Action, is for Children 3 – 12 years of age and our Youth in Action program is offered to youth and young adults, 13 to 25 years of age. Sunday School provides a safe and loving environment for our children to learn about their Christian faith through music, Bible stories, art activities, parties and faith filled fun. Our program is interactive, helping children explore God’s word, learning about Jesus and connecting with the Holy Spirit. Whenever possible, we connect with the wider community of faith by singing for them, presenting them with our art work and offering love notes for special celebrations.

Our Youth in Action program is for young people aged 13-25.
We have youth focused activities, scripture studies, art projects, volunteering with the Sunday School and offering leadership for our morning worship services. The leaders of this group are always exploring new ways to provide a relevant, faith focused, spiritual journey for our young people.

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These programs can be offered because of our much appreciated and dedicated group of volunteers. We thank them!

Please contact the Church Office at 403-269-3701 for further information or to register your child or young person in the above programs.