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Who Are We?

On the outside, Central United Church is a quiet and elegant building standing on the corner of 7th Avenue and 1st Street SW in downtown Calgary. Once you open the doors you find out that it is so much more: a library, a rec-centre, a hospital, a family, a sanctuary, a shelter, a kitchen, an incubator of imagination. A place of transformation and space for fostering innovative ideas and birthing new ministries – the possibilities are endless.

Central serves as a beacon in our urban landscape: illuminating surroundings with the light of God, helping travellers navigate difficult journeys and casting the light of hope and love to those around it. Central is a place for pilgrims. With open hearts and hands, we provide space for recovery, for restored dignity, for exploring life and experiencing authentic change.

Central is a community of faith: a place of prayer, of sharing, of teaching and of listening. A church community that believes we are not fans of Jesus…but followers. A spiritual community that values the gospel of peace and reconciliation, trusts in the scriptures of our faith and anticipates the leading of the Spirit with energy and involvement. Central is ultimately a community of love. Love that forgives quickly, love that exhibits compassion, courageous love that seeks the will of God, love that provides each person space to grow in their understanding of God in authenticity and grace.

Central is a real place. Real people figuring out how and if God is at work in their lives. Central is an imperfect place where everyone is welcome and invited to find where God is present and join in.

Central is here for life.

Our Mission Vision Values

As a community of faith, we believe deeply in the importance of expressing our mission, vision and values.

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