Exploring Affirming

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The United Church of Canada seeks to fully honour and celebrate the gifts and diversity of all its members and leaders, including those of different sexual orientations and gender identities, and encourages its member communities of faith and ministries to make a public statement of welcome, inclusion, and justice-seeking by become Affirming Ministries.
(source “Open Hearts”, Resources for Affirming Ministries in The United Church of Canada)

In February 2020, the Community of Faith of Central United Church asked that a Team “take the necessary steps to embark on the Affirming Process as prescribed by the United Church of Canada.” Notwithstanding the closure of the church due to COVID-19 protocols, the Board approved the establishment of a Team in November of that year.
Current members include: Bill Moore (Chair), Hazel Nisbett, Heather Anderson-Cortis, Simon Bondoc and Maegan Lansdell-Cole. 

The Team continues to explore the question of Affirming and with the reopening of the church, plans to engage the Community of Faith with in-person discussions. In the interim, we offer the following resources and links as suggested sources of information:


Reading Materials

“Open Hearts” – the Resource Booklet for Affirming Ministries in the United Church of Canada. https://affirmunited.ause.ca

“God and the Gay Christian, the Biblical Case in Support of Same Sex Relationships” – Matthew Vines

“Queer Virtue, What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity” – Rev. Elizabeth M. Edman

“Reading the Bible From the Margins” – Miguel A. de la Torre

“The Queer Evangelist” – Rev. Dr. Cheri Dinovo

“A Two-Spirit Journey, The Autobiography of a Lesbian Ojibwa-Cree Elder” – Me-Nee Chacaby


The Reformation Project https://reformationproject.org 

A Bible-based Christian organization that works to promote the inclusion of LGBTQ people