Our Vision Mission Values

Our Vision

Central United Church, an historic downtown hub, is committed to
living out the mission of knowing the radically, relentlessly,
and unconditionally loving God we follow.

We are a community in which God is encountered,
the message of Jesus is received and the Holy Spirit transforms lives.
The music ministry is integral, some remarking they come
for the music and stay for the message.

Central is a crossroads where connections and interactions are made,
attracting individuals and groups of varied interests, concerns, and expressions.

Our Mission

To create a safe and vibrant community, in which God’s unconditional love is demonstrated by people who choose to follow the teachings of Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit.

Our Values

Connecting, Caring, Committed, and Courageous

By demonstrating caring relationships and through creative programming, we will provide dynamic worship services, based on Holy Scripture that support spiritual development.


        • Radically accepting others
        • Praying


        • Refusing to look away from other’s pain
        • Practicing kindness and generosity
        • Forgiving


        • To sharing the message of the unconditional love of God
        • To creating a safe environment where people can grow in their faith
        • To making connections within the church and the wider community


        • Having the courage to allow the Holy Spirit to make changes
        • Having courage that is risk-taking, creative and kind