Our Board

The Board at Central United Church is the official governance body of the church.
Its mission is to give spiritual leadership to the ministry and mission of the congregation.

Our Board Mission

As empowered leaders of the congregation, we are responsible for designing Central's Mission, Vision and Values
and ensuring their dynamic fulfilment.

Our Board Vision

These are a few of the orienting principles that guide the vision and leadership of the Board:

Envisioning its future, the Board sets goals and strategies to carry out Central’s mission.

Examining and exploring major issues, the Board sets policies and procedures around them.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that Central’s resources are used effectively to carry out its mission.

 As spiritual leaders, the elected members of the Board seek to be visible and maintain effective two-way communication with the congregation.

The Board strives to perpetually learn and grow spiritually as well as keep current with respect to all aspects of the church’s organization.

The Board endeavours to be a strong, unified team – bound together by our common goal and passion for Jesus.