We’re Here for Life

Let’s Talk Recovery

A weekly program led by Bill Moore, using the Recovery Bible Workbook. It is a laid back one-hour study, focused on an open discussion of Recovery principles back stopped by related stories from Scripture. Through this group study, the linkage between the two “Big Books” become real.
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Codependency 101

A weekly program led by Roy Porter. Come learn about what codependency is all about and how it may be affecting your life.
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Other Services

Here at Central United Church, we also offer 5th Steps; prayer; counselling; Recovery, Life and Grief coaching; addiction assessment and referrals. We also do visits to the Calgary Young Offenders Centre, Calgary Remand Centre, Calgary Courts Centre and some of the Penitentiaries in Southern Alberta.
Prisoners that have been released or are on temporary passes are always welcomed.
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Support Meetings

Central is home to a over a dozen meetings during the week including Alcoholics Anonymous, Al Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous … and others.

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Sewing the Seed (NA) meets Monday @ noon
Central Recover (AA) meets Thursday @ noon

Please use the back alley door. Press 0001 for entry.

Recovery Resources

Celebrate Life Recovery Service

Sundays, 6-7PM (via Zoom)
Central United Church

Calgary Dream Centre

Phone: 403-243-5598

Calgary Counselling

Phone: 833-827-4229

Alcove-Addiction Recovery for Women

Phone: 403-984-2707

Calgary Alpha House

Phone: 403-984-2707


Phone: 403-998-7388