Why Do We Pray?

Scripture tells us to pray often. Why not? In Step 2 we come to realize that a power greater than ourselves can help us, so again, why not reach out? After all, the god of our understanding, that Higher Power created us, knows all and has experience in helping addicts for thousands of years!

Prayer will deepen your relationship with that Higher Power. He cares for us, comforts us and most importantly, loves us all unconditionally.

Often people ask, “where do I start?” Perhaps the best and simplest answer is to start with the shortest prayer of all … “Help!” Yes, “help!” … you will be amazed how this single word will open the door to prayer.

As your Recovery advances and your prayer life deepens, you will develop an “attitude of gratitude” as you see your prayers and the Promises being fulfilled. Keep your Higher Power in the forefront of all your thoughts and don’t let your ego (edging God out) stand in the way of your Recovery.