Holy Manners

Holy Manners are promises we make to each other; that is, shared expectations of Christian behaviour we strive to offer to each other.  Practicing Holy Manners creates safety within the faith community; we are more likely to experience healthy relationships within the faith community and are better able to create or renew meaningful friendships.

As children of God, we strive to make the following Holy Manners a reality as God continues to fill us with love, recognizing as human beings there will be times when we fail to live up to our covenant promises.  It is then that learning to forgive one another, even as we ask God to forgive us, is part of our commitment to Holy Manners.

In our shared life as a faith community, we recognize some among us are more vulnerable than others and that there are power differentials within a faith community.  We have developed Duty of Care policy and procedures to deal with such power differentials.