Recovery Meetings


Celebrate Life Recovery Gathering – Sundays at 6:00 PM

This diverse group gathers in the Sanctuary for a time of worship that is unlike anything else. With music led by the amazing band – “The Cracked Pots” – you will experience what many call a “meeting with music”. Intentionally casual and friendly, this gathering is designed to support individuals and families who are on the journey of Recovery.

This 60-minute gathering is an opportunity to connect with others in Recovery, share in the Traditions and Steps of AA, and hear the message of Jesus’ unconditional love and reconciliation led by Brad Oneil, Peter Sheridan and others.  You will feel completely at home grabbing a coffee, sharing a pew with both bikers and business people as we all celebrate the journey of Life Recovery.

Following the Celebrate Life Recovery Gathering is always a time of conversation in our lounge as well as an Open CA meeting (7:30 – 9:00 pm) in Room 1. The last Sunday of the month is especially unique as we celebrate our recovery birthdays (during the gathering).


Recovery Calgary

Almost everyone has been impacted by addictions in some form. At Recovery Calgary we understand the nature of addiction and the devastating effects it has on people. We are dedicated to helping those who are afflicted and their families to find solutions and change their lives.

Our experienced team and network of affiliates have a broad range of expertise in addictions, counseling, coaching, interventions and program delivery. We know how difficult facing and dealing with these situations can be and assure you that we are compasionate and sensitive to your needs and that we truly believe “Every Person Matters.”

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Breaking Out of Codependency – Sundays at 4:00 PM

We believe and behave based on a lifetime of experience. What if what we believe about ourselves and others is distorted? This is an opportunity to discover our core values, examine what we believe about ourselves and acquire the tools to establish healthy, appropriate boundaries so as to become all that we have been created to be. This enables us to use our experience, strength and hope in healthy ways to serve those around us because we want to, not because we feel an obligation to do so.

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