Fall greetings to all of you! Your Transition Team wishes to offer a brief summary of our work as we move through this transition time at Central.

It was a short, smoky summer, but the Transition Team managed to find opportunities to meet and continue its work on policy documents, Duty of Care Policy and Procedures and a proposed new governance structure for the church.

To date, the team has crafted eleven (11) policy documents that have been approved, in principle, by the Board of Elders. On Sunday, September 16th, congregational members were invited to offer feedback and further input in the crafting of these documents. We want to sincerely thank those folks who stayed with us on September 16th and for the rich conversations that took place about the documents and the policies they contained. The Transition Team is carefully reviewing your comments and suggestions. The finalized documents will be presented to the congregation for ratification at its Annual Congregational Meeting to be held in February, 2019.

We continue our work on a Duty of Care Policy and Procedures document for Central, as well as a new proposed governance model for the church. The Duty of Care document provides a framework for maintaining the personal safety of each person who is part of our faith community. The new proposed governance model provides a framework for governance in which every person who sits at the table as a Board member will be responsible for an area of work in the church, with oversight of teams of volunteers in the areas of Worship, Christian Development, Pastoral Care, Stewardship, Nominations, Outreach and Property. The Transition Team has included a full schematic drawing of this proposed governance model as part of our report. The Board of Elders has ratified, in principle, this new governance model, thereby allowing the Transition Team to begin setting it up. The congregation will then have an opportunity, at its Annual Congregational Meeting in 2019, to review the model and evaluate its effectiveness.

The Team is now working at crafting a new Constitution for the church. A Constitution captures, in written form, the basic spiritual and legal principles that govern a church community. It is a foundational document that embodies our vision and values while articulating our mission as a people of faith serving God and Jesus Christ. This, too, will be brought to the congregation at its Annual Meeting next year. Be prepared for a full and interesting meeting!

Once our work is complete, the Transition Team will write a final report for the Board, summarizing our findings and recommendations. Our report will form the basis for setting up a new Joint Needs Assessment Committee that will prepare the way for the calling of a new minister.

We do appreciate your patience as we continue our work, meeting every two weeks, to forge a path forward. At each of our meetings we hold in prayer the Minister, as yet unknown to us, who will be called by God to eventually minister among us. And we ask that you continue to hold us in your prayers as we continue our sacred work on your behalf.

 Your Transition Team Members:

Bill Moore, Kimberley Farley, Marivic Dela Cerna, Lori Bazin, Norm Barnecut and Rev. Linda Hunter (Staff Resource)