Our Mission, Vision & Values

We deeply believe in the value of expressing our mission, our vision and our values. Together, they serve as navigational instruments on our journey as a community of faith – keeping us looking forward to the horizon, directing us forward in faith, and giving us the confidence and perseverance for the journey ahead.


Our Mission

With open hearts and hands we embrace all people with the love of God through Jesus Christ so that all may know and follow Him.


Our Vision

We prayerfully seek to build God’s Kingdom from the heart of the city by celebrating in dynamic worship, nurturing caring relationships, making disciples, and discerning and responding compassionately to the diverse needs of people.


Our Values

Central is quickly identified as a “different” kind of faith community. We believe that it is our values and how we live them out in community that make us so unique.


As we seek to express our value of Authenticity we turn to the AA Traditions and the 12 Steps as our teachers. We value a fearless and honest authenticity that guides our understanding of life and influences our actions, beliefs, faith and relationships in positive and life-giving ways. We do not believe in spiritual perfection, but rather in the spiritual progress that authenticity invites us into.


We resonate with Henri Nouwen, who shares that hospitality is a “creation of free space where a stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer space where change can take place.”


The compassion that we value as a community is a compassionate solidarity and openness to one another. Compassion that is found first in a shared presence, shared love and a shared humanity leads to opportunities to serve, show grace and care for others. We believe that compassion leads us to the vulnerable, lonely and broken places within others and within ourselves.


Courage is much more than facing up to fears – although that is present. At Central we value courage that is risk-taking and adaptive. Seeking the will of God around us and courageously participating in the building of the Kingdom of God in an age of constant and disorienting change.