On the Academy Awards


On Sunday, the 90th Anniversary of the Academy Awards was celebrated. I remember, as a kid, awaiting with excitement the annual ritual of gathering around our black and white television set to watch the Academy Awards. Those were the days when Bob Hope was the host of the show for years and years and years…..until he told one off colour joke too many.

Little has changed since those long ago days. Stunning gowns, plenty of tuxedos, movie stars preening in front of the cameras and a rapt world taking in all the glitz and glamour. But underneath all of that glitz and glamour, there is another world, shaded from prying eyes behind closed doors and luxurious hotel rooms. The stories that are emerging about the sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and bullying that are built into the “star” system are repugnant and disheartening. Human beings, both men and women, are caught up in a way of life and work that is demeaning to the human spirit and speaks to the worst of who we are rather than to the best. Many in the industry are promising change, but I wonder………

And that brings me around to our focus scripture for this coming Sunday: Ephesians 2:1-10. In some translations Ephesians 2:10 is translated as: We are God’s work of art. Think about that for just a minute or two. We are God’s work of art. What a wonderful way to describe us! Each human being, fashioned and shaped as a work of art. Beautiful, gifted, unique.

To be treated as less than a work of art, in demeaning and sexually degrading ways, to be bullied in the workplace and anywhere in our personal lives is to sully and destroy what God has created. We should be treating each other as the treasured gifts that we are, in all aspects of our lives. And when someone acts in ways that demean beauty, they should be called to account, so that change can come.

God, the artist, asks nothing less of us!
Blessings, Linda