On Sunday School

Ministers Musings ………………………… on Sunday School

It’s back! Sunday School I mean. Today marks the beginning of a new season of learning, growing, laughing, painting, singing and even dancing from time to time. Remember those baptismal vows you made on behalf of your kids when they were babies? That you would give her or him every opportunity to learn about the Christian path that you started them on. Well, now comes the follow through with those promises – Sunday School.

I can remember my days at Sunday School, more than one or two years ago now! Little white gloves, a white hat and frilly socks in my black, shiny little shoes. Everything about me was little in those days! We would sit dutifully in church, never allowed to whisper or giggle or fidget – although we did it anyway. Then off to the basement (why was it always the basement?) to sit in our overflowing classroom, trying to avoid getting our gloves dirty. We didn’t have to worry much about getting those gloves dirty because we rarely made crafts. It was all about listening in those days. And memorizing. We memorized a LOT of Bible verses as I recall. And we also memorized the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer and The Apostles Creed (which I can still recite to this day!). I didn’t understand much of what I was memorizing, but we did it anyway. “Keeps the mind sharp!” our teacher used to say. I sure hope that’s true!

My favourite part of a Sunday School morning was the offering. Yes, the offering! Why? Because we sang a little song that I loved,

Dropping, dropping, Dropping, dropping, Hear the pennies fall,
Everyone for Jesus,  He shall have them all!

 So here we are today, beginning another Sunday School season at Central. That we even have a Sunday School is quite a remarkable gift. Many of our United Churches no longer conduct a Sunday School program because, quite simply, there are no children present in worship. But it is a different story here! Just watch our children tumble down the aisles, eagerly coming forward to be with our Sunday School Coordinator, Mary Lansdell. Mary’s radiant smile welcomes them, she tells a story and off they go, chattering and laughing, to spend time with Jesus and the stories of his ministry. And I love the rainbow colour of the children! A wonderful reminder of God’s rainbow creation of colour and diversity in our world.

I know that Mary can always use volunteers to help with the program. What about you? Because even if you don’t have any kids in the program, when a child is baptized in our church, we all stand up and promise to nurture them in their Christian faith. Besides, you will love doing the crafts and you won’t have to worry about getting your little white gloves dirty. You won’t be wearing any!

 Blessings, Linda