On Peace

Ministers Musings …………… On Peace

Today, in worship, we light the Candle of Peace on our Advent Wreath. We follow in the footsteps of Jesus who said to us that “we are to love God and to love our neighbours.” And he said that this was the greatest of all the commandments.

Gandhi, on of the world’s most famous lovers of peace said this: You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Gandhi reminds us that we are never to lose sight of the fact that there is much goodness in the world and many people around the globe who are working diligently and passionately for that goodness to thrive.

Here is just one example: UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE (URI)

WHAT: A grassroots interfaith network that fosters peace and justice by bringing people from different religious and cultural backgrounds together to better their communities.

HOW: There are over 569 global member organizations and groups that comprise URI, better known as Cooperation Circles. They work within their communities promoting interfaith dialogue, conflict mediation and implementing programming that focuses on youth, women and the environment.

WHERE: URI is active in 83 different countries with regional offices in India, Pakistan, Korea, Jordan, Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Germany, the Philippines, Latin America and North America.

There are many such organizations, many of them working at a grassroots level, striving to bring peace in our world. We are not to lose hope, but we are to find the people and the communities that hold the shining light of peace in front of them and in front of our world.

In this Season of Advent, let us devote ourselves to finding ways to promote peace. God knows how desperately the world needs us to do just that!

Blessings,  Linda