On Organ Donation


One of the most powerful moments for me during our Easter Sunday morning service last week was seeing Lori Bazin rise up in the choir loft to sing, Jesus Christ Is Risen Today! To have Lori worshiping with us again, after her three month sabbatical to attend to the medical needs of her son Alex, was indeed a wonderful Easter gift.

As most of you are aware, Alex has cystic fibrosis. Before he went to Edmonton for his double lung transplant, his lung capacity had been reduced to 15%, barely enough to sustain life. If Alex had not received that new set of lungs, he would not have lived. And so, the miracle of Easter has come to Alex in the skill and expertise of the medical profession who have worked tirelessly to give him back his life.

But beyond the medical expertise of the team of doctors and nurses who made this possible for Alex, I want to thank the young person who gave their lungs to Alex, in a selfless act of generosity that offered new life to him. That person, whoever he or she was, offered life to someone else even as they were dying. They donated their lungs so that Alex could be born to new life.

Have you filled out your Organ Donor card that comes through when you renew your driver’s licence? Have you taken the time to register with the Organ Donor program giving the medical profession permission to use your organs when you die so that someone else might live? Have you had a conversation with your family about donating your organs? They need to know so that they can act quickly at the time of your death to ensure your organs can be used.

You might be surprised to learn that it is often religious groups who are most vehemently opposed to organ donor programs. This emerges from Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. For many, many religious people, resurrection means the raising up of an actual corpse. And, in order for that to happen, that corpse must be fully intact, with no organs missing.

I am not one of those folks! I encourage you to sign a donor card today. Thousands of people like Alex are depending on you to do just that, to give them new life as Jesus intended.

Blessings, Linda