On Love


Just this past weekend, in Banff, I was privileged to officiate at the wedding of Ayla and Sean.  It was a small, intimate affair with 20 of us in attendance.  Lots of toasting.  Lots of cake (of course!).  And a sprinkling of tears to water the wedding flowers.

As is my practice with weddings, I always encourage the couple to write their own wedding vows.  At first, couples feel a bit daunted by this.  But then, when they get down to the work of it, they write the most powerful, heartfelt promises.  In the case of Ayla and Sean, one of the phrases that they used, as part of their promises to one another, was, “I choose you everyday.”  They promised to begin each day with the intentional act of choosing each other, no matter what.  Powerful words indeed!   

When I think of that phrase in terms of my relationship with God, I believe that God chooses me every day, without question and unconditionally.  In spite of my frailties and foibles, in spite of my wavering faith, in spite of how often I tangle up my life.  This knowledge is particularly meaningful on this Fourth Sunday in Advent when we light the Candle of Love. 

There are many days when I feel unlovable.  I look in the mirror and see my life weary face and wonder how anyone could choose me.  But God always shows up and God always does.  This is not a unique gift to me.  It is the gift that God offers to all of us, even when we are unaware of it. 

This idea that God chooses everyone, everyday, is a difficult concept for we human beings to comprehend.  We judge that some are unworthy of that kind of unconditional love.  What? Surely God does not love politicians who lie or drug addicts who steal or financial advisors who embezzle.  I chose to believe that such is absolutely the case.  In fact, troubled folks who are mired in the depths of their troubles are precisely the reason that Jesus came to us.  To bring us new life and new beginnings, to remind us that each one of us are beloved children of God.

One of the reasons we take time to engage in an Advent journey is to remind ourselves of the wide and deep parameters of love that God pours out upon us, choosing us every day, even as he chose to bring the message of love to us in the birth of a tiny baby in Bethlehem.  Savour the gift of Jesus and know that you, too, are the chosen ones of God.

Advent blessings, Linda