On Facism


I would have wished that my last Minister’s Musings before our summer break could simply have been an opportunity for me to wish you a relaxing and restful summer, enjoying the  wonder of God’s creation. While I do wish all of that for you, more pressing matters have intruded on my heart that need to be shared.

I have been observing some horrific scenes on my television screen these past couple of weeks – migrant children, some of them babies, being ripped from the arms of their parents and placed in detention camps because of a new law imposed by the Trump administration. It is a law that is designed to keep migrants and asylum seekers out of the country. Under international law, such a tactic is illegal, but the Trump administration acts with impunity in this matter, boldly stating that what they are doing is upheld in the Bible. I am deeply saddened by the fact that the ancient text I read and study every day is being twisted in such a way as to lend support to such a heinous policy.

Our God must be weeping at such an interpretation of the text. As I recall, Jesus said “bring little children unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of heaven.” I wonder what Bible Donald Trump or Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reading these days?

As I watch such chilling events unfold, I am reminded of the Holocaust carried out by the Third Reich in Germany during the Second World War. Ironically, there is a museum in Washington, DC called the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is there as a reminder of how murderous regimes slowly and stealthily strip their citizens of their human rights and become fascist states. Here is an excerpt describing the Nazi Germany of that era.

National Socialism represented much more than a political movement. Nazi leaders who came to power in January of 1933 desired more than to gain political authority, to revise the Versailles Treaty, and to regain and expand upon those lands lost after a humiliating defeat in the First World War. They also wanted to change the cultural landscape: to return the country to  traditional “German” and “Nordic” values, to excise or circumscribe Jewish, “foreign,” and “degenerate” influences and to shape a racial community which aligned with Nazi ideals that included the perfect Aryan (white German).

What we see unfolding in the country to the south that we used to call our neighbour is fascism, pure and simple. It is a war that is being carried out against Muslims, Hispanics, blacks and any other group that does not reflect “traditional” American values, values that are being imposed by an out of control administration in the White House. And the point of the sword of fascism is now being thrust in the direction of children, the most vulnerable among us.

And you know what is most frightening of all? 40% of Americans still support this President and this regime. In my younger, more naïve days, I used to wonder how 6,000,000 people could have been slaughtered with such impunity. Did no one care or know what was going on?  My older, jaded self now understands more fully how that happened. I see it unfolding before my eyes in a country that used to be held up as a beacon of light in a dark world. How did they lose their way? And what are the implications for Canada? Disturbing questions indeed!

Written from the depths of my broken heart,