I have been watching, in awe, the athletes from around the world who are competing in the Winter Olympics. In fact, as I am writing this wee note, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have just won a gold medal for Canada in pairs skating. It was an AMAZING performance—twirls, swirls and curls—all over the ice. And they made it all look so easy! After years and years and years of constant training and preparation.

I rather think of our upcoming Congregational Meeting as an Olympic event. How so? Well, for one thing, we have exhibited a great deal of perseverance over the past year, through many ups and downs. We have kept God in front of us and through sheer grit and determination, we have moved forward. There have been moments of conflict, times of uncertainty and feelings of trepidation. Change always brings about these kinds of feelings. Our Congregational meeting provides us with an opportunity to express our feelings and uplift each other with our dreams of the future.

And what is so special about the performances of our Olympic athletes? They go all out. They stretch themselves beyond the point of endurance. They never give up. And they are fearless. Might I use those same kinds of words to describe you? You go all out, you never give up and you are fearless. You know that the people we serve in this part of Calgary need us. We never give up on their brokenness because we know that God never gives up on anyone—especially us.

While it is the dream of every Olympian to reach the podium, I think we are more than content to simply be engaged in the stuff of life—to further the ministry of God in our part of the world and to cheer each other on. No medals required or needed.

Come to the meeting and feel like an Olympic athlete!

Blessings, Linda