On Community


A new church year has begun! I am so excited to be a part of Central United Church as we journey together into the coming year. I have been with you for nine months now and there is so much that I haven’t experienced here yet – the Christmas musical for instance. Nor have I yet met all of the people who call Central their spiritual home.

But I have been here long enough to be able to say these things:

  • The folks who make their way down to our church on a Sunday morning are a steadfast and faithful bunch. Through wind and rain and sleet and snow (!), you come and fill the room with light.
  • I have never experienced such wonderful diversity in a church community as I have at Central. The rainbow colour of God’s creation is a lived reality here at Central. One of my most moving moments in worship is to see our children make their way to the front of the sanctuary to sit with Mary and drink in her kindness and wisdom. They are a delightful reflection of our tremendous diversity.
  • We come from all walks of life and find joy in one another’s company. My favourite time on a Sunday morning is “coffee time.” I love hearing about your life and sharing mine with you. You are so interesting and have experienced life in ways that are so different than mine, yet we are held together in love by our common humanity. I am humbled in the sharing.
  • The pastoral care offered by Central is deep, loving and authentic. We care about one another and every life matters. If you need a shoulder to cry on, Central is the place. Lots of shoulders to go around, spearheaded by our loving Lorraine.
  • You can’t “beat” the music. Get it? Toe-tapping or heart moving, you can experience a wide array of musical expressions at Central. Thanks, Kathy, for scouring the musical universe to bring us that wide variety.
  • Just so you know, the ministry you offer at Central saves lives every day. Come to a Celebrate Life Recovery service on a Sunday evening and you will see “love in action” every time. A dedicated team of lifesavers and leaders gathers at 6:00 pm to live out the ministry of Jesus. When “the rubber hits the road” Central is driving the car, picking up the broken hearted and helping to mend their lives.
  • And, finally, hats off to an Administrator who makes sure that all the work we do actually gets done! Take a look at Colleen’s desk. The ministry of Central can be found right there.

All of the above describes community. We are a gathering of people with a common purpose and goal, companions on the journey of life, doing the work of Jesus and enjoying each other’s company along the way. I am wonderfully blessed to share it with you for this moment in time.

Blessings, Linda