Don’t you just hate it when a Minister starts talking about money? Here comes the pitch, you say under your breath. The budget is in deficit. The carpet is worn and in need of repair. The furnace is old and aching.

I am a Minister who has never been reticent to talk about money. It is the fuel that drives the engine of our economy. It is the vehicle we use to build hospitals and schools. It is necessary for us to have access to money so that we can live healthy lives with good food and proper shelter.

In the case of our church, it is the critical means by which we deliver the ministry and mission of Jesus.  And how is that lived out here? Well, in a myriad of ways, I would say. Do you enjoy that cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, providing you with an opportunity to catch up with people you haven’t seen since last Sunday?  Do you appreciate the music that is offered? Do you need a listening ear when your world is falling apart? And, what about the hundreds of folk who cross our threshold every Sunday evening, desperately hanging on to their sobriety and finding their way to a church, of all things! What about CUPS, Inn From the Cold and the EXIT program for troubled youth, all programs that were seeded by Central. Or Drug Court where we offer emotional support to a group of people who are trying to stitch together the frayed edges of their lives. Somebody has to pay for the needle and thread that are used in the stitching. And, very often, it is the good folk of Central who do just that.

I assure you, none of these things would be possible without money! Yes, we need faith, we need vision, we need a dream and we also need a lot of hard work. But, we absolutely need to pool our monetary resources so that we can bring those dreams to reality.

I am a newcomer here and I can truthfully say that I have never experienced ministry in the way that I have at Central. Our ministry is unique in the city; we are at the heart of what it means to live as Christ asks us to live – loving our neighbour, caring for the broken-hearted and mending the lives of the desperate among us who have been cast aside and not invited to the banquet of life that Jesus wants for all of us.  Make no mistake, if our church were sold off to the highest bidder, the loss to our downtown community would be immense and tragic.

I certainly recognize that some of us have more money than others. Not on the scale of a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffet, but we have money to give and money to share. So, today, and for the rest of June, I will be talking about money, reminding you of the lifesaving work of our ministry here at Central that is powered by our money.

Breathe easy, good folks! The Minister is finished talking about money – for the moment, but not for long!

Blessings, Linda