Lenten Reflections 2021

Our 2021 Lenten Reflection Anthology comes to you in the midst of a continuing world-wide pandemic that has turned our world upside down. Our health and our economies have become the focus of daily briefings on television and social media platforms. Overwhelmed by the numbers, the graphs and the testing results, we felt, more than ever, the pressing need to shift the focus of our faith community to the spiritual needs of our worried world. And that is what this anthology is all about.

The people who have contributed to this anthology reflected on the words of an ancient text, The Bible, and from that ancient source, have offered us wisdom, comfort and hope for the season of Lent. It offers us spiritual food for the journey that we will be making with Jesus to Jerusalem.

I offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who took time to put pen to paper or to sit at their keyboard to create the beautiful reflections contained within. Each of you who spent time writing a reflection has deeply enriched our lives as we journey with Jesus to Jerusalem and experience all of the events of Holy Week. And I take time to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for Colleen Robarts, our Office Administrator, who creatively formatted what you are reading now.

How is this resource of use to you? For one thing, it provides you with a daily reminder to take time to read your Bible. And for those who wrote reflections, it provided you with an opportunity to wrestle with the text, much like your Minister does each week. It can be challenging work. Just ask me! Above all, your work as writers has enriched our Lenten journey and kept us close to the heart of Jesus. This is surely worthy of our thanks and praise!

Here are some suggestions for using this Lenten Reflection Anthology.

  • Resolve to read all of the reflections.  
  • Find a Bible translation that is comfortable and readable for you.
  • Find a quiet corner in your home, with a table and a comfy chair. Use the same area for your reading and study time every day. Or download a daily reflection from your computer, with your Bible close by. It is part of the routine you are seeking to establish during the six weeks of Lent.   
  • Read the assigned daily scripture passage several times before you read the reflection itself. You might even take time to read a few of the chapters that surround the assigned passage, to provide a greater depth of understanding.
  • Finally, read the daily reflection and make notes for yourself about it. Perhaps, at some future date, you will return to the reading and find that it has changed you in ways you could not have imagined.

I offer you my personal blessings as you read through these reflections, journeying with Jesus for the next six weeks. May the journey enrich your life!

Blessings, Rev. Linda