A Snow Globe Service

December 23, 2018 @ 10:30 am
Central United Church Sanctuary
Colleen Robarts
A Snow Globe Service @ Central United Church Sanctuary

How many of you own a snow globe? At Christmas in our household, we bring out our snow globes and have a wonderful time shaking them, making the snowflakes swirl everywhere. We Canadians love our snow globes! That’s because we can sit in the warmth of our living rooms and watch the snow swirling INSIDE a bubble rather than being OUTSIDE where it is cold!
I like to imagine that all that snow swirling around in our snow globes is a reminder of God’s never ending love for us. Always swirling around us. Always bringing wonder. Always filling our lives with hope, peace and joy.

Music provided by the Possibility Singers and Heartsong. Bring the whole family!