Children, Teens & Youth Ministries


All Children, Teens and Youth are welcomed at Central United Church. We are a Church Family that loves and honours our young people. We recognize that the Children, Teens and Youth are an important part of our Church Community and we value their insights and their perspectives. We are a Church Community that supports their faith journey and we celebrate the newness and openness that comes as a young person grows with God.

Our Sunday School during the morning service (September – June) is designed for two groups. The Children’s group is for children up to 12 years old and the Teens and Youth are another group. However, many of the activities bring the two groups together for a shared experience. Intergenerational activities are also a special part of the Sunday School program. All of which supports the understanding that common experiences with peers, leaders and the congregation opens the Children’s, Teens’ and Youths’ hearts and minds to deeper discoveries of their faithfulness.

Our Bible Studies follow the Lectionary and highlight the life of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. A variety of activities and art forms are used to support the Christian learnings and spiritual discovery. Always supporting that when the Children, Teens and Youth experience a lesson, they will be more interested, they will remember better and they will be more able to practise Gods Word.

Central’s Children, Teen and Youth Sunday School programs engage their relationships with each other, their relationships with the Congregation and Spiritual Leaders, their relationships with their Church, their relationships with the Churches helping community, the local and the worlds helping community and most importantly – their relationships with their Lord.

We are blessed at Central with great Sunday School Volunteers. These wonderful people generously share their gifts and time with the Sunday School. We have Volunteers who are excited about Sunday School and who care about the Children, Teens and Youth as they journey with Jesus.

At our Sunday night Celebrate Life Recovery Gathering there is a parent and baby area in the Chapel.