Celebrate Life Recovery Gathering


Each Sunday evening beginning at 6:00 pm we host our Celebrate Life Recovery Gathering. This diverse group gathers in the Sanctuary for a time of worship that is unlike anything else. With music led by the amazing band – “The Cracked Pots” – you will experience what many call a “meeting with music”. Intentionally casual and friendly, this gathering is designed to support individuals and families who are on the journey of Recovery.

This 60 minute gathering is an opportunity to connect with others in Recovery, share in the Traditions and Steps of AA, and hear the message of Jesus’ unconditional love and reconciliation from our recovery leaders. You will feeling completely at home grabbing a coffee, sharing a pew with both bikers and business people as we all celebrate the journey of Life Recovery.

Following the Celebrate Life Recovery Gathering is always a time of conversation in our lounge as well as an Open CA meeting (7:30 – 9:00 pm) in Room 1.

The last Sunday of the month is especially unique as we celebrate our recovery birthdays (during the gathering) and hear an inspiring recovery story.