Bible Studies


Sundays at 12:00 PM

Adults see the world through the filter of life experience and life transitions. Adults enter Bible study and worship bringing with them this variety of views.

Feasting on the Word will engage you in a deeper exploration of biblical texts. Christian faith will be enhanced when the Scriptures read and proclaimed in worship are reinforced and expanded on what they have been considering in their educational time. Education and worship can be mutually supportive in helping God’s word in Scripture come alive during the Sunday morning experience.

Feasting on the Word is held immediately following our Sunday morning worship service. There is no pre-registration or cost. The study is open to everyone regardless of your level of understanding of God’s Word.


Sundays at 5:00 PM

A drop-in introductory Bible Study, based on the Recovery Bible (NLT) is offered at 5:00 every Sunday in Meeting Room 1.

The study will personalize the scripture to the 12 Steps program, with focus on the message that will follow in the 6:00 Celebrate Life Recovery Service.

Everyone is most welcome to attend this 45-minute session, regardless of knowledge of the Bible.