About Diversity!

A Minister’s Musings………ABOUT DIVERSITY! (January 15/18)

Last Sunday, January 14th, was a tremendously special day for me—it was the day that we made promises to each other for all that the coming days will bring as we forge ahead with the ministry to which we have been called by God. It is an incredible ministry and I am slowly starting to take it all in. The presentation of special gifts and symbols will guide my ministry in the many months to come.

One of the first things that I have come to appreciate here at Central is its diversity as a faith community. There is beautiful colour in the sanctuary. There are a variety of languages that we speak. We come from every walk of life imaginable. There are married folks, both gay and straight. Some are in recovery, others are struggling with mental health issues. There are infants, children, youth, adults and many wise elders. We are indeed a diverse bunch! And isn’t that a wonderful reminder of God’s rainbow creation?

I see that as one of Central’s greatest strengths. It’s diversity. It is a wonderful slice of the human race, settling into community together and reminding the world that we are stronger BECAUSE of our diversity.

The next time you encounter someone who makes derogatory comments about another human being, whether based on their race, colour, creed, economic status, sexual orientation or any one of the other diversities in the world, invite them to join us at Central. They will learn a great deal about unconditional love and God’s beloved creation.