A Musing ~ Walking The Labyrinth at Knox United For The First Time

I am an “I’ll try anything once” type person. I enjoy experiencing my spiritual walk in different ways. I like to chat with others about their faith and how they make it relevant in this ever-changing world of ours.

And so it was that I found myself responding to Lorraine’s invitation to meet at the church and walk, on a very cold morning, to Knox United Church to walk the labyrinth there! I guess you could say that my curiosity got the better of me! Was this experience going to rock the boat of my spiritual journey and take me into uncharted waters? Was I up for the challenge? I had a myriad of questions whirling in my mind, but I was committed with no turning back! as we entered the church and found our way to the room where the labyrinth is situated.

It is a fairly large room and has a few chairs and a table to the side where we put our winter jackets and mitts. There is a noticeboard where we could post prayers if we so chose and at the opposite end of the room there is a small altar with a lit candle.

I liked the ambience. I enjoy silence in my day and particularly when I find myself in the busy life of the city centre. I enjoy a meditative atmosphere.

Life has a way of tripping us up, of placing hurdles in our path, of sending us challenges we would rather do without and as I started to slowly walk the labyrinth and follow the path that is clearly mapped out, I seemed to slowly let go of the pebbles in my knapsack. By the time I reached the centre of the labyrinth and paused for a minute, it felt as if I had reached the foot of the cross and had laid my burdens down…..After a few minutes of quiet, it was time to make my way out of the labyrinth by following the clearly marked path back to the beginning. Now, a sense of gratitude came over me; a lightness of spirit. I have so much in my life to be grateful for – warts and all……No bolt of lightning; no flashing lights. A simple walk, my own style, my own expression of my spiritual walk with the God of my understanding. It was reassuring: I am ok; God loves me….What more could I want…..?

Lorraine and I stopped by the little coffee shop at the back of the church to enjoy a latte, a tea and a cookie. We spent time sharing our stories; we had not met before. It did not matter. We shared from the heart – two pilgrims on our different journeys who had enjoyed our own unique walks in the labyrinth.

Might you enjoy this, too, next time a walk at Knox United is arranged? You would be most welcome…… Fran