A Minister’s Musings ~ On Transformation

On Easter Sunday evening, something very special and unique happens at Central. A huge hot tub is lifted into the sanctuary and promptly becomes a baptismal font. During the Recovery Service, adults present themselves to the community. They share their particular faith stories and then they step into the tub to be fully immersed in the waters of life. For them, baptism becomes an outward expression of their inner transformation. They have entered the waters of baptism to be blessed by the God of their understanding. Each person is fully immersed three times. They are, in effect, “drowning” to their old way of life and rising to their new life in Christ.

It is a deeply spiritual and sacred moment for each person.

Staying sober or clean is a lifelong journey. There are moments along the way when some people give up the struggle and take their own lives. There are moments along the way when some people relapse, relapse and relapse again because once you become an addict or alcoholic, you are always an addict or an alcoholic. There are some people who are cynical and scornful that there is even a God.

But there is always hope. And that hope is lived out in our recovery church through the power of the community. And the power of music. And the power of unconditional love. It is at the heart of what we offer at Central.

When an alcoholic or drug addict feels totally overwhelmed by their addiction, God throws a lifeline and that lifeline is the Recovery Service held at Central. We are not the only answer for overcoming the power of an addiction, but we offer and second chances. It is a tool in the toolbox of recovery. Once a person comes to know that they are a beloved child of God, unconditionally loved, an amazing transformation begins to take place. They come to see how lovely they are and that God loves them. It is like a light bulb filling a room with light and dispelling the darkness.

And isn’t that what resurrection is all about, moving out of the darkness of the tomb of addiction and into the new life promised by God? I certainly think so. Why don’t you drop by at 6:00 pm on Easter Sunday evening and watch transformation and resurrection in action? You will be warmly welcomed and, if you stand close enough, you might be splashed by the waters of life.

Easter blessings,  Linda