You can always tell when a new school year is about to begin. Haircuts! Yes, haircuts! A few days before the schools open their doors to welcome students, the barbers in this city are snip, snip, snipping from morning to night. My three grandsons look wonderfully handsome with their shorn locks. After a haircut, they are now ready to take on math, social studies and English literature. A good haircut makes all the difference!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if life was really that simple, eh? A good haircut and you’re on your way! But those of us who have been to the barber and the hairdresser a few times know that a good haircut isn’t enough to turn our lives around and begin to make some necessary changes.

September is a good month to take inventory. With new beginnings happening everywhere around you, what new beginnings are you contemplating for your life? How about a career change? How about reconciling with your brother with whom you haven’t spoken in years? How about taking a deeper step into your faith by meditating and contemplating the place of the Holy One in your life? How about taking a risk? How about knitting together the torn threads of a broken relationship and beginning the re-weaving process?

None of the above are easy! They all involve a measure of courage and initiative.

But our God reminds us that we are never alone, that God hovers all around us, giving us that courage and initiative. And why is a commitment to new beginnings so important? Because it frees you from the shackles of those things that have been weighing you down. It frees you to begin again and let the past be just that—the past!

I love watching my “boys” getting their hair cut as they sit in the barber’s chair. Snipping off a few hairs strikingly alters their looks and makes them even more handsome (no bias there!) Resolving to make a new beginning, freed from a past that haunts you, offers you the courage to embrace the days ahead and look for that new beginning that awaits you right around the corner.

My best advice—have a haircut! And see where the adventure takes you.


Welcome back! We have a great year planned!

Blessings, Linda