A Love Letter From GOD

Hello my beloved ones at Central!

I decided to send a letter because I’m still not great with texting and social media. Besides, I couldn’t take a “selfie”. I would have to take a picture of everything in the whole world because I am everywhere and in everything.

So I decided to “drop you a line” to let you know that I am watching over you and caring for each one of you. I’ve noticed this year that some of you have struggled with health issues, with faith issues, with staying sober. So, in the midst of your struggles, I just wanted to let you know that I am always with you, holding you up and inviting you to hold on to me when you feel yourself sinking. In other words, I love you!

You have had quite the year at Central!  Lots of changes! And more to come! I have been whispering in the ear of a certain Minister who will eventually feel the call and come to lead you in the coming decade. I won’t give you a name, not just yet. You have work to do before the one I have chosen comes to you. In the meantime, work with Linda and, together, you will get the job done.

What job is that? Well, your biggest job is to transform lives, just like Jesus did. I see the broken-hearted people walking the streets of downtown Calgary. They need me and they need you to offer them a lending hand. It’s tough work, I know. Some days you grow discouraged, but remember, I am always there to help and guide you.

You have an immense ministry. One that requires steadfast faith, deep courage and an open heart.  It also requires some money to keep it going.  Don’t forget that part. My ministry in the world only stays strong if you are committed to it – in all ways.

One more thing, don’t let anyone persuade you that your work can’t be done. They tried that tactic with Jesus and look what happened. He surprised them all! You have every ingredient you need to make it work. Most of all, you have each other. And ME! Never forget that.

Blessings, GOD