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from Rev. Linda Hunter

Greetings from all of us at Central United Church, in the heart of downtown Calgary!

As you are all well aware, our world is in the midst of a pandemic that has seen governments and health officials take unprecedented steps to “flatten the curve” and keep as many people as possible healthy and safe.
That is what we are trying to do at Central as well. We have closed our church. Only one other time in our 100 + year history have we had to close our doors, and that was during the Flood of 2013. However, as we are being instructed to do, and willingly want to do, we have cancelled worship services, group meetings and the use of our church by rental groups. We believe this to be, as health officials are telling us, an urgent matter that requires the full cooperation of all of us.
While we are in this “in-between time” we will be posting information frequently on our FaceBook and web site locations so that you may keep in touch with us and we with you. You can reach me personally by contacting me at my email address lhunter@centralchurch.ca. I will respond to any pastoral care crisis that may arise in your life and, of course, if you require personal prayer, please be in touch with Lorraine Anderson, our Congregational Care Coordinator, at landerson@centralchurch.ca. Both of us are still working online to be of help to you in any way that we can.
Thousands of years ago, a ragtag band of people known as the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years, fleeing from the bonds of slavery, led by their leader Moses. It was an “in-between time” for them as well, surviving in the desert, until God led them into the Promised Land. Our situation today has some similarities. When we are in social isolation from each other, it feels somewhat like wandering in a desert, alone and afraid. But, through the work of Moses, the people were led out of the desert into their new life lived in the Promised Land. I fervently believe that we, too, will come through this as a united group of people, working together to find our way out of the grip of this virus. And who is our leader? Certainly, our public health officials and our governments, working together. But I believe that our God is totally present, today and always. Our God is faithful. Our God is steadfast. Our God is loving and compassionate.
May you feel the comfort of God today as we work together to overcome this crisis.
Yours in faith,
Rev. Linda

Sunday Worship Times
Spirited Traditional Service ~ 10:30 AM
Celebrate Life Recovery Service ~ 6:00 PM

Our Address
131 7th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB  T2P 0W5
Across from the Bay Phone: 403-269-3701
Email: info@centralchurch.ca

Minister ~ Rev. Linda Hunter ~ Ext 229
Congregational Care Coordinator ~ Lorraine Anderson ~ Ext 227
Interim Music Director ~ Oksana Krasnozhen ~ Ext 233
Children, Teens & Youth Ministry Coordinator ~ Mary Lansdell
Office Administrator ~ Colleen Robarts ~ Ext 221
Treasurer ~ Roberto Montagni ~ Ext 225